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Apr 29,2022

Visited StrEats for lunch a few weeks ago and thought it was okay. Fish taco was pretty good, and the bowl I had was also tasty. Service was friendly and pretty quick too. The food just wasn’t spectacular.

Barb Bayda
Mar 17,2022

Tonight I arrived 10 mins before closing and when I asked the young gentleman if I could still order, without hesitation he said absolutely. He was kind, polite and made me an amazing meal. I wish I could remember his name but I want to say thank you for your service, for that reason alone I will be returning but the tacos and poutine were a delicious bonus.

Derek Young
Oct 30,2021

Tried this place last night and it was great. Ordered a bunch of stuff. The fish tacos were amazing. Definitely give it a try.

Eric Gronau
Feb 22,2022

Saw an ad for one of their meals, looked really good, went in the next day to order it and was informed it wasn’t available yet like the ad said. Went back the next day and ordered it but was informed that it could not be as a to go order. What type of establishment only has certain intentions that are allowed to be ordered as take out. Very frustrating.

Andrew Tam
Feb 20,2022

Usually pretty decent, however I recently ordered the Buffalo Chicken Poutine and it was swimming in sauce. Way too much ranch and buffalo sauce. It's a good thing I got the gravy on the side as it would have been more of a soup than a poutine. Consistency would go a long way.

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