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Pete Thomson
May 14,2022

Do yourself a favour and DO NOT go here. Not only do they illegally advertise one price online and and then hugely charge more once there they admit they have not bothered to change the posting in years and will not honour the wrong advertised online prices. The food is nothing but frozen reheated garbage. The fish is so full of oil you can literally press the oil out with your fork. The service is haggard and never nice. The premises is in dire need of a health inspection and I would shudder to think what they would find if the sanitation was ever tested. The ONLY thing you can be assured of by going here is that you will pay a very high price for a plate full of Grease and a stomach ache later. But... feel free to do your own judgment. Me.... never... ever again!

Digital Loop
May 07,2022

What a delightful surprise this place is! Staff were very courteous and prompt. Food was very filling and satisfying. Prices were as if they forgot to update the menu in 1998! You absolutely need to check this little hole in the wall out!!!

Jay Olivera
Sep 16,2020

This place has very friendly service

Dan Anderson
May 12,2022

Good food, awesome prices. And for me, well worth for over 40 minutes drive easy way to pick it up. Definitely recommend it

Bruce Skelton
Aug 27,2020

I have eaten here multiple times and have gotten moldy veggies in my food on three separate occasions.

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